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Come in for our worry-free service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our mechanic services. 

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Tune Up

Our most popular is the tune up service. Our mechanics are known for ensuring your vehicle is well maintained and is safe for you and your family. We provide one of the best tune up services in South East Portland, Oregon. We provide affordable tune ups contact us now to schedule your appointment. All our work is 100% guaranteed.


Oil Change

The mechanic provides rapid oil changes that fit your budget. Equally important each one of our oil changes comes with a no obligation free brake inspection. This ensures you, your passengers, and your family are safe. We are Portland, Oregon’s premier mechanic shop. All our work is 100% guaranteed.


Wheel Alignment

When your tires are aligned correctly this can save your tires and save you money. By having your tires properly aligned by our mechanics you will not have to change them out as often. In addition, you will not have to continue to spend money on gas. Moreover, you will have peace of mind that you received a proper wheel alignment. All our work is 100% guaranteed.


Affordable Mechanics USA

We offer peace of mind service. What we do is provide the auto mechanic service that you know is getting done right the first time. There is no hidden fees. People love us because we have integrity, we are honest, and we get the work done right at the right price. We are known for rapid repair times and providing transparent information every step of the way. Most importantly, our customer’s love us because of our transparency.

Our customers, friends, neighbors and family in SE Portland, Oregon are grateful that we welcome walk in appointments. Yes, walk ins are welcome at Affordable Mechanics USA. It is better to call us and schedule an appointment, however we are happy to make the necessary adjustments to see if we can assist you to get back on the road as quickly as possible. Did I mention that we are affordable? Hence the name Affordable Mechanics USA.

Full Service Car Repair

We provide mechanic work for brakes, tune-ups, radiator change outs, engine swaps, transmissions; automatic & manual, oil changes, transmission oil changes, wheel alignments, DEQ and more. Equally important we provide vehicle diagnostics. We are local family owned small business in the SE Portland, Oregon area, come see us. We are your friends in the mechanic business. 



Get The Money When You Need It

We know a costly vehicle repair can be stressful and equally stressful is not having the money. Therefore, we have found a solutions for your consideration. Click here now!

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